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The Alternative Settings for Placements Project

[Alternative Settings for Placements]

Developing partnerships between ITE institutions and museum and gallery education departments to provide settings for teacher training other than schools.

The Training and Development Agency have been funding a 'Partnership Development Schools' (PDS) project which has been co-ordinated by the Faculty of Education since April 2008. The work has involved piloting various structures to support ITE providers in planning for trainee teachers to undertake some of their professional placement in a setting in museums and galleries.

Five regional triads each consisting of an ITT provider, a partnership school and a linked museum have been established.

Each triad has developed a specific programme of professional placements that are embedded within the trainee teacher's conventional school based professional placement. The project development has been underpinned by an exhaustive programme of continuing professional development for all partners.

Renaissance logoThis project has greatly benefited from the extensive funding from the MLA, Renaissance (East of England).